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I just open a new Indian Restaurant which i run now and i need a
website for my business to grow, So i need you to go through this
example link site:http://www.freshmenu.com/ but i need something more
perfect than this if possible, I will like you to get back to me with
an estimate and the estimate should include hosting and i want you to
understand i want the same page as the example site i gave you to
check and I want only English language and i want you to know you will
be updating the site for me. I want the site up and running before
ending of next month and i don’t want a shopping cart in my
reservation page also i don’t have a domain name yet and i will
prefer: KAITINDRESTAURANT.COM, My budget is $750/$1,500 for the web
design, i have a private project consultant, she has the text content
and the logos for the site with the image artwork,so please go ahead
and check the example site and get back to me with an estimate also
will like to know if you are the owner or the manager and do you
accept credit card as payment.


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